If bowel and bladder accidents keep you from enjoying the activities you love, you’re not alone.

It's time to

talk leaks.

Discover whether this therapy for bladder and bowel leakage could help you regain control. Take a short survey to see if the Medtronic InterStim™ system is right for you. 

Incontinence can be a serious condition, and it's not a normal part of getting older.

Millions of people experience symptoms of bladder or bowel incontinence.

The InterStim™ systems are a proven incontinence treatment, that gets results.*


* Clinical success for FI is defined as ≥ 50% reduction in episodes/week. Numbers reflect Completer analysis, which included patients who had complete data at

baseline and at annual visits. Clinical success was 69% and complete continence was 28% in the Adjusted worst-case analysis.


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